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nutraceutical guidance



Nutraceuticals, aka nutritional supplements are often recommended and carefully monitored by health care professionals to address symptoms and conditions. Dr. Kubovy uses professional strength supplements which she has thoroughly researched & vetted to assist you in your journey to wellness.

Many conditions can be treated effectively using nutraceuticals instead of or in addition to pharmaceuticals, but guidance and monitoring is essential.

Nutritional supplements are widely available, and unfortunately in the United States, these are not controlled by an oversight agency. This is why professional nutraceuticals are important; professional nutraceuticals are independently certified to assure purity of ingredients and verify ingredient concentration.

The goal of this office is to use nutraceuticals to support body systems to achieve healing, not for a patient to take a fistful of supplements every day for life. Patients are monitored throughout their care to determine ongoing need for specific nutraceuticals. Products are implemented, discontinued, or modified according to the patient's progress.

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