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What to expect 

The first appointment consists of a comprehensive health history, physical examination, and review of prior labs. This appointment takes one full hour, and upon conclusion of the appointment, laboratory, lifestyle, and nutritional recommendations are made as applicable. Follow up is scheduled to obtain appropriate laboratory data and/or track progress. Paperwork MUST be completed at home PRIOR to the first appointment. 


Prior labs from other providers MUST be submitted to the office at least 48 hours in advance of the first appointment in order to be reviewed and considered. If a patient wishes for prior labs to be considered at their first appointment and the labs are not submitted at least 48 hours prior to the first appointment, a $50 administrative fee applies for the procurement, handling, and doctor's review time. To avoid this fee, simply submit copies of prior pertinent labs 48 hours ahead of the first appointment.

Billing information

Kubovy Integrative Healthcare is not in-network with any insurance carriers. Payment is due at time of service for appointments, laboratory services, and supplements. HSA and Flexible Spending Accounts are accepted.

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