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Laboratory Testing



Laboratory testing is a crucial part of the diagnostic process. It provides objective, measurable data to diagnose, rule in and rule out conditions, and track progress. Laboratory testing ranges from very basic to intricate and cutting-edge. Kubovy Integrative Healthcare utilized multiple laboratories to provide patients with the best technology and accuracy to assess symptoms most appropriately. 

Available laboratories 

  • Quest Diagnostics

  • Lab Corp

  • Vibrant America

  • Precision Analytical

  • Great Plains Laboratory

  • Quicksilver Scientific

  • Alletess Medical Laboratories

  • Cryex Laboratories

  • Cell Science Systems

  • Doctor's Data

  • DiagnosTechs

  • Genova Diagnostics

  • GenPath Labs

Laboratory testing may include blood, urine, stool, hair, and/or salivary analysis depending on patients needs.

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